Santa & the Gospel


At this current moment, my wife and I have a 10 month old little girl. We love the Santa songs and the idea of getting pictures with her on Santa's lap. But when it comes to sharing the message of Santa Claus, that’s a different story.

No doubt there is a message taught around Christmas time. You can’t avoid it in lyrics sang and in the movies watched. Good behavior is rewarded through gifts. And bad behavior is punished with coal. Magic and myth fill the story. The arrival of Santa Claus each year gets people excited about things.

And yet, the message of Jesus could not be any different. He is not myth. His story is historical. We are rewarded not through our good behavior but by his righteousness we can receive by faith. He teaches life is not about things. The hope he offers goes beyond a season. It’s eternal.

What narrative are you buying into this Christmas season? Recently, I came across this creative video (6 min.) that unpacks the hope we have not just this time of the year but always. Take a watch!

When Santa Learned the Gospel

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Jonathan MoseleyComment