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NEXT CLASS // mar. 31st

Maybe you’re asking, “What habits can I incorporate in my life to grow my joy in God on a daily basis?” Spiritual disciplines are vital in preserving our intimacy with God. If you’re wanting to understand these disciplines better and put them into practice, this is a great class for you.

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NEXT CLASS // apr. 28th

Have you ever looked at the Table of Contents in the Bible and thought to yourself, “I’m so lost.” Do you know the overarching story line of the Bible? Do you know how to hear from God during your time reading the Bible? This class seeks to answers those questions.

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Discover Your ministry

next class // May 26th

Do you want to use the gifts that God has given you to see his kingdom grow? Do you want to be equipped with sharing the Gospel and finding out how God may want to use you. If so, come to this class.